Introducing the New Hot Walk

Just in time for the Holidays, Specialized has released a restyled Hot Walk perfect for your child’s first riding experience.  Specialized made a few changes to the Hot Walk since its previous release.  These new changes include;

  • All-new redesigned unisex frame with a low stand-over height and lengthened wheel base makes it easier for kids to get on and off as well as provide confidence-inspiring stability.
  • Open seat tube and adjustable stem—the seat tube is open on the bottom and reamed for the entire length, meaning we can spec a longer seatpost while still being able to slam the saddle. The stem has 25mm of vertical adjustment, so kids can get on the bike earlier and stay on longer.
  • Rhythm Lite Airless 2.3” tires, so parents never have to worry about flats or struggle with using a bike pump on small 12” tires. The 2.3” wide tires allow little rippers to scoot around on- and off-road worry-free.
  • Real bike components: stainless steel spokes, aluminum rims, real bearings, and bolts that meet the same corrosion and durability standards as our adult bikes.

Stop by the store to see the new Hot Walk before the holiday rush!