Perry Rubber Bike Shop Photo Contest

PRBS kit at CX Nationals in Asheville, NC!

Perry Rubber Bike Shop Photo Contest

First Winners will be announced Feb. 1st!

Send us your photos!

Some of the coolest stories about Perry Rubber Bike Shop logo sightings are the encounters we have had while traveling. From fan shout-outs at industry races to finding Perry Rubber Bike Shop t-shirts being worn in the hotel lobbies states away, it’s always fun. We thought it would be entertaining to start documenting the trips the Perry Rubber Bike Shop logo is making, and rewarding you for documenting them. So we are presenting the Perry Rubber Bike Shop Photo Contest.

To enter:

PRBS water bottle spotted in Kansas!

1. Take a photo of you and your Perry Rubber Bike Shop water bottle, T-shirt or Kit wherever you are traveling/ riding. (Style points are given for photos in front of recognizable landmarks, signs, cool things in general)
2. If you are on facebook, tag the shop in your photo by using @perryrubberbikeshop, this will link your photo to our facebook page. If you don’t use facebook, email us your photo at, and we will put it up there for you.
3. Each submission period is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month, and the winner will be announced on the 1st of the next month (unless we are running late). For example if you are traveling in August but can’t post your photo until September it will be in the September drawing, that being said please don’t submit your December trip to China in July.

There are 3 chances to win!
1. Farthest Distance – $10 Gift Certificate to Perry Rubber Bike Shop
A $10 gift certificate will be rewarded to the persons who’s photo was taken the farthest away. This is “as the crow flies” distance and it is calculated from the shop address and the location that is submitted with the photo, using the website ( If you are taking a group picture the prize amount will be split among the participants in the photo displaying the Perry Rubber Bike Shop logo. If several photos are submitted from the same location, we will use the more specific address. Please be very specific with the address where the photo was taken when you submit the photo, we will only publicize the general area. If you are traveling with friends are everyone wants to submit an individual photo we recommend doing your homework about the distance and out-wit your friends.

PRBS Kits at Hutchinson Island in Ga!

2. General Photo Drawing – $5 Gift Certificate to Perry Rubber Bike Shop

We know not everyone travels out of town each month, and if you do someone may still have gone farther, but no matter where you go we still love seeing our logo out and about. So submit your photos anyway even if it is just on the group ride. We will take all remaining photo entries for the month that did not win and have an additional drawing for a $5 gift certificate.

3. Staff Pick/ Wild Card – $10 Gift Certificate to Perry Rubber Bike Shop

PRBS waterbottle in California!

This is the wild card and may not be awarded each month, but if you met Peter Sagan and you have a Perry Rubber Bike Shop logo with you TAKE A PICTURE!!!! We may also extend this to really cool locations / anything that we find really neat. Please, please, please, DO NOT put yourself or others in danger in order to get a picture, we won’t count it, or publish it.  This contest is meant to be fun, we don’t want anyone ending up in jail or in the hospital.  Please keep all photos family friendly.

By entering the contest you are allowing Perry Rubber Bike Shop to post your photo on facebook and on our website / blog. No repeat photos please. If you keep visiting the same location each month mix up where you take the photo. We understand privacy and security concerns about posting photos when you are out of town, if this is a concern please email us the photo to and the location, we will not publish when you were out of town, just where you went in the previous month. That being said we want this to be FUN, if you have any questions please let us know.