The Sticky World of Tubulars: Tubies Stick Back

In our last post about tubulars, I applied Effetto Mariposa’s Carogna Tubular remover.  I waited roughly six hours before revisiting the wheel the first time, and then did some additional cleaning the following morning, before using Effetto’s Carogna tape to attach the tire.

Honestly, I went into this experience hoping for a miracle cure to the labor intensive process of cleaning tubular rims. When I checked the wheel out after the “cooking” period, the old tubular glue hadn’t all melted away, but it was definitely much softer than it was in the morning.

The glue moved from a crusty, dry layer of old cement to a gooier, gummy substance covering the rim bed. While this made it easier to remove, it was pretty messy to deal with. Now, if this was an aluminum rim, I would have gone at the melted glue a bit more aggressively, but since I was dealing with carbon I held back a little bit with the pointy metal tools.

I didn’t hold back completely, though, and I’m not sure if I would recommend some of these methods for a customer to use at home. A tire lever or a rag soaked in alcohol (with some extra patience) is probably the best way to go about doing it but it your half caveman like I am, a flat tip screwdriver and wire brush are the tools of the trade.

So, is it a miracle cure for tubular cleaning? No. Getting the rim free from the goopy old glue took some effort. Is it effective? Definitely. I got the rim cleaner than I could have by simply scraping at the dried glue, and it didn’t take quite as long. There are sections of the rim that are bare carbon and good as new. There are still some sections of old glue, but it’s minimal compared to manually scraping the rim.

After getting everything clean and wiping the rim down with alcohol, I set out to getting the tire reattached. I used Effetto’s Carogna Tape to get my Clement MXP adhered to the rim. The tape accelerates the process exponentially over the traditional glue method, and spares a ton of mess.

I’ve been racing tires attached with Carogna all season and haven’t had any issue. The combination of the tape and the Carogna remover made the setup time much quicker, and I’m confident that the wheel and tire will keep me rolling through the rest of the ‘cross season.